What we’ve done this year

This year I decided to write myself one of those “what we’ve done this year” letters that you get in holiday cards. I love those letters from friends and family. I love to see people’s vacation photos and pictures of their grandchildren. My kids say I’m weird, my Mom says it shows I care about people, my friend Nancy, says it just means that I’m a cheap date.

So what did I do last year? It’s been so busy I can’t even remember last winter. The year was filled with milestones, some joys, some sorrows.

Among the good stuff:

I finished writing two novels. My first women’s fiction, Beach Colors, will be out in June and a mystery, Foul Play at the Fair, a Berkley Prime Crime book, in September.

I finished the second draft of a new women’s fiction called Stargazey Point that takes place in a small fictional town on the South Carolina shore.

I spent several months working with a great team of artists on a full length ballet, Tom Sawyer, choreographed by William Whitener for the Kansas City Ballet and premiered in the new Kaufman Center of the Performing arts.

Looks like the year revolved around work. And that’s a good thing. It’s wonderful to be able to work at what you love.

Which brings me to my quote for today, something I try to remember every day. It comes from that well known American philosopher, Burl Ives.

“As you go through life, make this your goal, watch the donut, not the hole.”

I guess that’s my every year resolution. Do you have a resolution that crops up every year?

Happy New Year.