Thanksgiving in Crescent Cove

Thanksgiving is over except maybe for that last piece of pumpkin pie.

But I’m still looking forward to my Thanksgiving e-novella to become available Dec 11.  It’s part of a two novella e-book about the characters from Beach Colors.  One takes place at Thanksgiving and the other during the Christmas holidays. That suits me just fine.  I love holidays.  I’ll celebrate just about any holiday as long as it is a happy one.

So today  for the ongoing holiday season I’m offering a sneak peak of Thanksgiving at Crescent Cove. 

Grace Holcombe has just won a law case to grant permanent historic designation to Crescent Cove’s boardwalk, plans to celebrate Thanksgiving with her friends until the father she hasn’t spoken to since she walked away from his law practice, shows up unannounced, asking for help and forgiveness. But his rejection of Grace several years before has left a deep pain.  Is this time for giving thanks enough to  give Grace the heart to forgive or will it take  a little help from her friends and the warm and welcoming town of Crescent Cove.


 Thanksgiving at Crescent Cove

 Dottie’s Diner was filling up fast but a waitress led them to a booth along the front window. Someone had left a folded newspaper on the table and as Grace slid into the booth, a headline caught her eye.

She froze half way in. Stared at the headline. The diner went out of focus. The noise buzzed to nothing. It couldn’t be. It. Could. Not. Be. She touched the paper with one finger, inched it around so she could see it better.

“Excuse, me,” she managed. She slid out of the seat right into Jake. There was a momentary scuffle as she tried to get away.


“Sorry. I just remembered. I have to go.”

Jake stepped back to let her pass. She stumbled toward the door.

Margaux ran after her and stopped her at the door. “Grace. What is it? Are you okay? Are you sick? Can I do anything?”

“I’m fine, I just have to—I’ll talk to you later.” Blindly, Grace pushed through the glass doors to the sidewalk.

 Wishing you all the best this holiday season 

After Sandy

Sandy Over New Jersey

Nearly a week has gone by since we stocked up on water and nonperishable foods, candles and batteries.  Some of us were evacuated and went to stay with friends or at shelters. To wait, to listen to the radio or watch television if we had power.  I’ve spent a week with a friend twenty minutes up the road who has had power for the duration. We’ve been warm  and entertained and could find out what was happening around us with a press of a remote control.

I live a bit inland and escaped the worst of wind and flooding, not everyone was so lucky.  Some lost family members and friends, their homes, their cars, their family memories.

The Atantic City Boardwalk was destroyed but Lucy the Elephant weathered another storm. With Power gone, a woman ran amok in the only open Dunkin Donuts becasue she got the wrong sandwich, others who had electricity ran extension cords outside so people  could charge their phones and ipads. While two people argued over the gas line, others passed out coffee to people who had been waiting three hours for a gas delivery that might not come.

taken by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen/U.S. Air Force/New Jersey National Guard

KIndness and anger, frustration and optimism, despair and a promise. Starting over, raising from the wasteland.  And when the rest of the world has moved on to another news interest, the rebuilding will begin, and continue and continue  until it’s done.