Best Seller, That’s me for a minute

Beach Colors

This past week I was surprised and delighted to find that Beach Colors was listed as Number 3 on the Nook Best Seller list.  It’s still in the top twenty a week later which is immensely cool.


Part of this was because the price was dropped to $1.99 for  alimited time before my next women’s fiction novella Stargazey Nights (June)







and my next full novel  Stargazey Point July

But I was totally astounded and happy that people were finding that my story was one they could relate to. What a wonderful way  to work, telling stories that I care about.

So thanks all who have enjoyed this story with me.

I hope you’ll join me on a trip to the South Carolina shore and a town called Stargazey Point. You can read more about my new favorite characters on my books page.