Funtown Carousel in Seaside Park.

Funtown Carousel in Seaside Park.

For those of you who follow my blog, or who have read my latest novel, STARGAZEY POINT, you know I love carousels.  Carousels of all kinds from the endangered historic antiques to the put in a quarter ones at the mall.

A few weeks ago we lost a favorite. It wasn’t the oldest, or the most famous, it’s known best as the menagerie that replaced the animals that were auctioned off back in the nineties.

But when the music churned up and the the platform jerked to life, you couldn’t help but feel a little thrill.

Today over at my Shelley Freydont Blog I’ve posted some photos I took a few weeks before the fire that destroyed the Seaside Park Boardwalk.  Many are of the Funtown Pier carousel, that though newer than the hundred year old Dentze;/Looff carousel a few blocks north (That did survive the fire) still has brought enjoyment  to many and will be sorely missed.

Please join me there for a few last photos.Stargazey coversIMG_0537