Christmas is Coming



Well, Thanksgiving sped by. I moved to the shore of New Jersey one week and went back to Bergen county to celebrate thanksgiving with friends.  We do it every year, I guess you wold say, they’re our family, me and the two kid (now adults). Then back to the beach  to revisions , copy edits and the boardwalk.  Ah.  I”m really looking forward to the holidays at the shore.  The decorations are going up around me.  I’m working but that’s okay.  Getting a tree tomorrow.  Yep.  A real one. Always get a real one, they make s all sneeze and our eyes water  but we love the smell, the look the whole nine yards.

Here’s a little excerpt from last year’s Christmas novella about Bri from Beach Colors and her new family, two girls , Mimi and Lily, she adopted from China.  It’s on sale at your favorite real and virtual book stores. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.





Chapter 1

It was snowing hard. Brianna Boyce hunched over the steering wheel and squinted through the windshield, trying to keep the car on the road. A road that was quickly disappearing beneath drifts of white. They shouldn’t have stayed at the mall so long. It was only a little after five but already it was pitch black except for the blinding curtain of white.

She glanced at the back seat where her two newly adopted daughters were asleep in their car seats. Ming Li and Li Fan, Mimi and Lily. They’d fallen asleep before Bri had negotiated her new secondhand SUV out of the parking lot.

Bri knew how to shop, but she normally avoided the mall. But today with the weather being so fickle, she’d decided to give the girls a treat. And the trip had never given her so much pleasure. They’d taken in everything, stopped at every window to gaze at the clothes, the appliances, the bath products. At the toy store, they stared open mouthed at a pink plastic fairy castle and Bri decided to go back and buy it for their Christmas.

They didn’t ask for a thing as Bri pointed out things in her pigeon Chinese. They had no toys like this in the orphanage where they’d spent their young lives until a few weeks ago. They had never heard of Disney. Didn’t understand that these things could be bought and taken home. Could be theirs for their very own, not just some fairy tale land to be visited with their new mother.

They were afraid to sit on Santa’s lap, which was a bit of a disappointment. She’d had fantasies of sending out Christmas cards with them smiling, each on one knee. Bri tried to see the mall Santa through their eyes. He was pretty good, a huge man, well padded in his red suit, a white curly beard and a Santa hat with big white pompom that hung over his forehead.

They’d taken one look and cowered against her. His “ho ho ho” scared them. Bri smiled, bittersweet. Maybe next year when they were more accustomed to living here.

When Bri had started adoption proceedings, they’d been three and two. Now Mimi was five and Lily, almost four. It seemed like eons before she was finally allowed to bring them home at the beginning of November. And Bri was thankful. She had a lot to be thankful about.

She looked back at the road, slowed as she came to the curve a quarter mile from their home, an old horse farm she’d bought when she returned to Crescent Cove eight years before.

The SUV took the turn easily. She would never drive too fast again. She’d learned that lesson many years before.

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