Is Spring Here at last?

last snow (Fingers crossed) of winter

last snow (Fingers crossed) of winter

On the official first day of spring, my town got almost six inches of snow.  I was on my way to the Liberty States, Create Something Magical Conference and didn’t even make the Friday night dinner, mainly because I waited until after three and traffic was bumper to bumper and moving at five miles an hour.  I’ve never seen that before.  I always feel like I live in cowboy country when I get on that Parkway. so I drove up Saturday morning between fairy-tale snow covered trees.  A magical beginning to a magical weekend. It was all gone by that afternoon and yesterday my local farm market opened with pansies and beets and spinach, according to their sign, that only last week had read, Thinking About Opening Soon.

It was a crazy busy year last year which is why I’ve decided to join forces with my Shelley Freydont self to keep one blog.  Really we’re both stubborn, but we do play well with each other (Most of the time). I was working on two mysteries and one women’s fiction with a couple of novellas to keep things interesting and a little stressful.  But what a great way to live making up stories all day long.  Here’s one of the books I was working on and the first one to be  published this year.


Whisper Beach  June

Whisper Beach
June 16


A story of friends, loyalty, and love as three women are reunited in the New Jersey Shore beach town where they grew up.  For them, this summer will test the meaning of friendship and trust—and how far love can bend before it breaks.

Yes I finally get to write about the jersey shore which is a beautiful place with lovely people. If you’ve  ever wondered what the Jersey shore is really like,  you may be surprised.

Available for pre order now.