Pirates and My Walk on the Beach

IMG_1192One night down by the pier, I was looking out over the water, listening to the waves breaking and rolling and thinking of pirates. Which isn’t as odd as it might sound.

In the 17th  and early 18th centuries New Jersey saw its share of infamous pirates protected, even aided and abetted them, fed them, loved them. Jamaica Inn and Frenchman Creek had nothing over the creeks and rivers and villages of New Jersey.  Blackbeard, and  Captain Morgan, and Captain Kidd among less notable wayfarers


And that’s why I was thinking about pirates that night at the pier.

I had just started putting together my Jersey Shore novel Whisper Beach.  I knew I wanted it to be a somewhat whimsical town, in a Jersey in your face style of whimsy.

So as the waves rolled onto the sand I came up with a legend about the beach.

            To the locals, Whisper Beach got its name from the sound of the waves shush-shushing against the pylons of the pier. Those with a more imaginative nature, usually after several pints down at Mike’s Pub, insist that one of Jean Lafitte’s mistresses brought her baby there every day waiting for a glimpse of his ship and shushing her baby’s cries with a promise of his return.

           Young girls still climb beneath the pier at night to whisper the name of a boy, in hopes he’ll be the one they marry.

            But any teenager, wife, husband, or public figure who’d ever felt the lash of town gossip knew that the whispers were only the beginning. And they didn’t stop until they turned into a roar.


I imagined young girls sneaking out to meet their friends at the pier, whispering heartfelt names of pimply boys and football players not in white hand embroidered nightgowns, but in mismatched pjs with photos of the Jonas Brothers and Backstreet Boys on the front.

At night men and children wade into the marshes, not to lure an unsuspecting ship to its doom like the Mooncussers of a former time, but to stretch their food budget with a little illicit crabbing.IMG_1103

Whisper Beach is a story of four friends, reunited at a funeral. Who grew up in  a simpler time at the shore and who have tried to adapt each in her own way. But who will have to reevaluate everything they thought they knew before. That’s okay, they’ll make it.

We know how to make our own kind of legends here in Jersey.  After all we brought you Desperate Housewives and the Jersey Shore.  And the women of Whisper Beach have their own story to tell.     JUNE 16

Whisper Beach

Whisper Beach

A To Do List, really

to doI’ve often wondered why I never get to the end of my to do list.  Today I finally got it, because it’s a to do list, not a done list, or a never mean to do list, but a to do list, and the items that you don’t get accomplished just get transferred to the next to do list.

I’ve noticed that the ones that get left over from the list the day before, are also the ones that don’t get done today or tomorrow.  There’s a message there.  So tomorrow i’m putting the ones still to be done tonight at the top of tomorrow’s list. Think I can make it work?

For example, this blog.  I have three novels and a novella coming out from now through September.  Just thinking about it amazes me.  I’ve been doing edits, copyedits, proof reading as well as beginning next years books.   (May the force be with me  . . .and you too.) I’ve written blogs for other people, but I forgot about my own.

But I’m still here and this year’s novels will be here soon.

Whisper Beach

Whisper Beach

My beach book comes out first.  It’s sort of a Big Chill -2015 Jersey Shore Edition story. Four childhood friends , well actually three friends and the other girl who sometimes hung out with them, come back as adults to attend a funeral.  Things have changed . . .or have they?  Maybe they are finally experiencing all the things about friendship that they never understood before.  But can they trust it?  Or each other?

It’s a theme I like to explore,  the meaning of friendship and trust and how far love can bend before it breaks.

What about friendship interests you most?

Whisper Beach June 16

Shelley Freydont mysteries coming in July, August and September.  Whew!